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We know that frontier business environments are hectic, demanding and potentially unforgiving places. This is made yet more challenging when insufficient resources, knowledge or skills are available. Use us as a flexible resource, a safe pair of hands, to bring additional experience to your team and get work done faster on priority issues beyond the immediately daily requirements. 

What are the benefits?

Taking the strain!

Here are some examples of the practical benefits we can deliver to alleviate your pain points:

Finance Managers

  • Trouble with the numbers - Determine the quality of forecasts, resolve project reconciliations & claims.
  • Competency assessment and on the job coaching for national staff development - Retain & motivate staff.
  • Induction service for new staff - Make sure everyone knows what to do from day one.
  • Preventative audit & cost recovery audit preparation - Too easy to ignore until the auditors arrive.
  • Self certification - Reduce errors, delegate with confidence and eliminate surprises.
  • Headcount - Identify who actually works at a location, ensure work permit and tax records comply.
  • Reporting & dashboards - Make sure those with budget responsibility get what they need.
  • Decision making - Assist in setting up management processes that enable planning & budgeting.

Group Finance

  • Financial risk register - Satisfy increasing audit committee requirements.
  • Restructuring - Get advice on required changes to processes & systems in advance.
  • Service centre support - Integrate staff remotely supporting the business more effectively.
  • Overheads & time writing charges - Ensure these are understood and robust for billing recovery.
  • Independent systems advice - Don't rely solely upon the sales pitch from the vendors.
  • Non Op JV audits - Let operators know you are watching and expect to get value for money.
  • New office setup - Bring in senior interim expertise to overcome a lack of available staff.
  • Planning & budgeting - Provide additional assistance to complex or overloaded operations.