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Business Advice

Restructuring considerations: Cost reduction, overhead management, headcount losses and restructuring are high on the agenda in the current economic climate. Whilst changes are often urgent there is no substitute for a thorough evaluation of the likely consequences. Adapting processes and systems in advance greatly mitigates against negative side effects to ensure uninterrupted business. Likewise retaining accountability is key often requiring changes to Delegation of authorities for example.

Productivity: We look at how time and money is spent. Cost management involves active cost reduction through benchmarking, contract review, budget management and overhead reduction. Time management involves monitoring and understanding where your people expend their effort, ensuring the right people are working on the right activities. Service agreements can be used to improve delivery across the organisation as well as help identify and control excessive charges from non productive areas. We can assist in all process & system aspects of time writing, overhead and billing. This includes analysis and reporting to ensure transparency to management.

Decision making / Planning & budgeting / Management performance reports: Business integration is an essential but sometimes elusive component. Use our experience to connect finance more closely with your management team. We can assist the process of decision making as an input to more effective planning & budgeting and help continuous monitoring through relevant, timely and accurate reporting & dashboards. In this way finance teams can enable timely decision making to optimise the benefit of planning cycles. We also have experience in determining relevant KPIs, setting up internal gate processes and in assisting project appraisal.

Independent systems advice: We can provide independent insight into which tools are required and assist decisions in respect of transaction systems, ERP systems, budgeting & planning tools, reporting and business intelligence tools. A successful implementation needs to carefully consider the end to end result with particular attention to integration and interfaces. We know the pitfalls, listen to business requirements and can provide practical advice on the pros and cons on the options at hand and from a strategic perspective. Objectivity consistently improves the outcome of an implementation and helps make sense of sales pitches or to reconcile conflicting demands within the business.