​​Competency framework: We have a highly detailed & measurable competency set focused on interface weak points and directly linked to the risk register. We can assess and monitor competencies for both individuals and functions. This benchmark can be reassessed and assured periodically to monitor progress. It is also useful for documenting skills gaps in support of work permit applications and for demonstrating local knowledge transfer to regulating authorities.

Capability Building

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Financial risk register: Processes and systems can help mitigate risk but are only ever as good as the people who use them. We relate risk to your people making sure that they are tied directly to measured competences so as to demonstrate both capability and accountability of mitigation. Risk management is increasingly popular as a core management tool and monitoring required by most internal audit committees.

National staff development:​ We coach on the job, the best place to learn and the most effective. As learning is made relevant to your specific circumstances the business benefits immediately. Reduce the need for expensive overseas courses that take your staff away from their work. Ensure that contractual training obligations are met to governments and to your staff with individually tailored development plans.

Self certification: Quality is not just the preserve of technical departments. A focus on quality pays for itself through getting the job done right first time in the finance function. We help you implement an internal assurance process that creates key control documents that enable you to delegate with confidence and avoid surprises.

Recruitment assistance: We can provide job descriptions that accurately describe the role and that are linked to your competency framework. We also provide advice on departmental structure and can interview prospective candidates. For new office locations we can assist in setting up the finance function or provide interim consultants to fill gaps.

Induction service: Often an aspiration yet rarely achieved. Have us run a monthly session for your new comers to make sure they know their responsibilities and how to work correctly within your organisation. It is hard to hold people accountable unless they know what is expected of them and have been properly trained to deliver it.