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Value Proposition

  • A people led approach - Processes and systems are only as good as the people who use them.
  • Match risks to competencies - Focus on organisational interfaces to improve integrated delivery.
  • Understand that controls are not static - Instead subject to constant and often subtle change.
  • Recognise triggers that demand change not only continuous improvement - Educate awareness and adaptability.
  • Appreciate specific business circumstances - No one size fits all or unchallengeable "best practices".

The company has a network of consultants that it can call upon and has a working relationship with many highly qualified professionals. We employ consultants with suitable references and a minimum of fifteen years E&P post qualifying experience. We can provide consultants to any remote location in the world as well as Europe, Canada and the US. Our rates are competitive and negotiable and we can deploy consultants efficiently to the client and with limited delay.

Our Principles have broad experience, for example:


  • Tullow Oil - UK, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa
  • Marathon Oil - UK, Egypt, Norway
  • Anadarko - Algeria, Tunisia

  • Wintershall BASF - UK, Germany, Libya
  • Wingas Gazprom - UK
  • LASMO - Pakistan

We believe in ...

  • Delivering value for money.
  • Creating capability not dependency
  • Applying rigour not rigidity
  • Fostering an open culture of cost awareness, accountability and collaboration
  • Remaining objective whilst demonstrating integrity and respect.