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John Faulks is an FCMA accountant. Before founding Control Capability he spent 25 years in the oil and gas industry working for international operating companies in senior group and operational finance roles. He has spent extensive time overseas in Africa and Asia as well as in the North Sea and European HQs.

His unique insight comes from a unusual breadth of experience having worked across the full upstream lifecycle serving with exploration leadership teams, development project teams, large scale production operations, in-country management teams and on finance functional leadership.

As a result he understands the end to end business process and how strategic plans and operational execution come together to create commercial outcomes. Having built finance teams from scratch in varied cultures and challenging hectic environments, he is passionate about growing control capability and local staff development. 


There is a growing skills gap in understanding what the business actually does and how it operates due to:

  • The great crew change affecting finance, there are fewer old timers with extensive field experience.
  • Downturn layoffs compounding the loss of experienced staff and potentially cause permanent knowledge loss.
  • Industry trends to source accountants from the auditing profession who lack operational exposure.
  • Over reliance on ERP systems leading to reduced end to end understanding.
  • Outsourcing into global service centres remote from operational activity.
  • The difficulty of getting work permits in many developing countries creating reliance on novice local staff.

Core objectives

  • Get accountants out into the business to discover and influence effectively with empathy.
  • Help non-financial colleagues to appreciate finance requirements and their business consequences.

The motivation behind Control Capability