It is the scope requirements of the particular assignment in terms of specified delivery, that define an interim management assignment, as opposed to a contractor’s contract, or an agency worker’s temporary work.

Project management: Provide expert additional resource to support specific projects or high risk, time-sensitive activity or for the duration of operational work programme activities. For example during a short drilling campaign in a foreign location remote from head office expertise and potentially in a developing working environment.

Consultancy with implementation: Projects of a functional nature such as process or system implementations often benefit from expert input to assess business needs, give advice and formulate proposals. Here informed and objective help can greatly improve user experience and thereby the overall success of the project.

Change management: Bring the skills, experience and flexibility to make change happen in the best interests of the business without becoming unnecessarily entangled in company politics. This can be vital to turnaround non performing areas of a business or to resolve conflicting alternatives.

Specialist skills: We can provide skills that may not normally be present in your organisation, for the period of time that you need them.  This might include for example providing part time or periodic coaching and capability building over a period of time or managing periods of growth or reduction.

Resource gaps: These might be caused by senior absences and departures or new business requirements such as the startup of an office in a new country where functional and business leadership is required. For example to complete initial activities, build capability and hand over to a permanent team.​

Interim Management

​​​Interim managers bring qualified skills and expertise to bear at short notice, without the overheads and shackles associated with employment. They consult, plan, advise, implement, and embed the lessons, then exit, handling a range of key strategic and tactical interventions. They offer independent expertise, free of company politics, and take responsibility for delivering results, not just offering advice.

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