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We partner with Petroserve Consultants Ltd an industry leading audit specialist to deliver JV and Contract audits. Through this relationship we have access to teams of experienced JV and contract auditors with in-depth industry knowledge and global coverage.

Our goal is to save you money through the recovery of costs that may have been incorrectly charged, overcharged or duplicated. We are confident that we can recover on average 0.5% of audited costs. As a result we can offer services on a no claim no fee basis. This means our service pays for itself whilst recovering you money and protecting your reputation by uncovering sharp vendors practices. The audit delivers further value by improving transparency in future business relationships and through highlighting better internal controls.

JV audits: Our Joint Venture Auditors possess both operational field and JV audit experience. This provides a balanced approach and greater understanding of the issues and problem areas of the audit process. We are able to focus on the contentious areas of the business that some auditors fail to identify and report back to client on. We offer a comprehensive service that will meet all client needs. Our audits are carried out in accordance with standard industry practice and adherence to COPAS AG-19.

Contract compliance audits: ​These can take many forms and are client defined in terms of objectives and delivery.

Vendor recovery audits:​ The objective of performing a vendor audit is to ensure that the Company has not been overcharged or paid twice in respect of services and purchases provided. Additionally a Vendor Audit can identify unscrupulous Vendors, mitigate future risk and identify fraud and corruption.

Contract compliance recovery audits: The objective of the recovery audit is to determine if charging has been made in accordance with contract rates and prices and that charges are valid and relate to the Project. The aim is to recover any overcharges invoiced to the client that might have been missed initially and inadvertently been paid.

Contract compliance control audits: The objective of a control audit is to evaluate current contractual and procurement controls that are already in place to ensure compliance with relevant government and partner agreements, company ethics and fraud prevention measures.

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